Which Is More Important, TV Ads Or Digital Marketing?

There is a constant debate at advertising agencies and in marketing teams around the globe. They want to determine which platform can provide the best value for marketing. There are still many businesses that are throw all of their marketing resources at traditional advertising methods like radio, newspapers, magazines, TV, mailers etc. But right now, they are significantly outnumbered by those shifting their budget to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing with person using a laptop on a white table

Both methods have their own pros and cons, and each present benefits to marketers. Traditional advertising, with TV ads as the most popular method, is the media that existed way before the internet while digital media is everything that is found online. These are the search engines, social media, online advertising, video streaming and websites. It also includes other mobile and online techniques including OTT or over the top long form video, geo fencing, and the digital out of home of OHH like digital billboards.

Comparing Traditional to Digital Advertising

It is to no surprise that with the change in the lifestyle of everyone under the influence of technology, those businesses will take good advantage of it. So to be up to date with marketing has helped businesses expand their markets. TV ads have long been the king in advertising. To have an advertisement shown at the best time slots with the most striking content is an achievement for the marketing team behind it. But right now, a lot has happened and consumers are spending more and more time in their smart phones and tablets and less time on their TVs. Consumer attention has shifted. And this has changed in a very short period of time.

The fall of TV viewership is still ongoing especially among ages 2 to 49. So businesses must take note of this and start shifting to digital marketing. Internet ads are growing rapidly by the minute. It has completely left behind other advertising platforms like newspapers. Newspaper companies are now going bankrupt by the minute and being sold much less than its real value. So to keep up to date, these companies must also shift to a digital platform. Radio also has been first defeated by TV ads, but now is slowly losing in the advertising race. From surveys conducted of consumers answering where they have heard of the product, almost all have answered through the internet.

So with all that is happening, digital marketing is really the keep to keep a business afloat. It is not only effective, but also it is much easier to keep track of its analytics and algorithms. It is easy to determine where leads come from in digital ads. So if an ad is reaching a lot of people, more budget will be allotted into it, while those underperforming can be cut out.